Issue free-zoneAustralia Day editorial

CHILL out Australia, today’s the day not to think too much.

Soapboxes are banned.

Preaching and politicising forbidden.

It’s therefore recommended you keep off Facebook and swap that iPhone for a tinnie or cricket bat.

Can’t we just have one day – one 365th of a year – where we unite in keeping opinions to ourselves.

A national day of respite from the media clatter and moralising that pervades our modern day existence (we are aware of the irony in our comments today … nevertheless).

The flag, our Indigenous history, terrorism, the republic debate, human rights, the status of the Abbott government, climate change, do we call it soccer or football … why is it so hard to put them aside for a moment? Most Australians are aware of the world around them.

We’re largely an educated bunch. We know our history. We recognise our challenges.

But today is not the day to be regurgitating the enduring debates we have every other minute.

Today is about keeping perspective.

The view that Australia is the lucky country might be hackneyed but try arguing against it.

If the biggest issue today is about the relevance or appearance of our flag, or whether Goulburn has fast enough Internet speeds, then things must be going alright.

We’re bloody lucky in a lot of ways. Too many to list … Most of us get today off.

Locally, there’s a free BBQ and entertainment at the beautiful local park.

This expanse of greenery is located in a clean, relaxed thriving regional city that has first class schools and medical services.

Later today, we can go for a complimentary dip at the pool or lie back on the lounge to watch the one-day cricket.

It’s not a bad life.

Yet today, there will be the inevitable comment here or there about Australia’s human rights record or the impact January 26 has on Aboriginals.

Australians don’t have to be reminded or compelled to take a guilt trip.

Australia Day comprises just 0.27 per cent of 2015.

It’s a fraction of the calendar that should be dedicated entirely to celebrating all that is good. It’s not much to ask for.

’Ava good one.

Now or never TWO months out from the State election, and the big two – Pru and Ursula – haven’t really given voters much.

Come on ladies, you’ll need to give us ample time to examine policies and announcements that will affect us locally.

Ms Goward’s (Liberal) correspondence of late has been about how good she and her government are (her latest newsletter is full of it) while Dr Stephens (Labor) is chipping away at the incumbent, but is yet to commit to anything significant.

Crunch time is now.

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