Cahill seals his legend

TIMCahill enhancedhis alreadylegendary status by scoring two goals in the Socceroos’ 2-0 win over China in the Asian Cup quarter-final last week.

Many commentators now consider himthe greatest footballer the country has ever produced. In this week’s At The Bar,Michael “Speedy” Stratton and The Area News sports editor Andrew Pivagive their thoughts on where the 35-year-old ranks.

UNSTOPPABLE: Many football commentators are calling Tim Cahill the greatest Socceroo of all-time. Picture: Getty Images.

Andrew: Canyou remember the last time you did a bicycle kick, Speedy?

Speedy: Can’t say that I’ve ever done one. But I have kicked a bicycle.

Andrew:That doesn’t count. Anyway, I’m still pumped about Tim Cahill’s brace for Australia in the Asian Cup quarter-final against China. His first goal was a bicycle kick and his second was off his head.

Speedy: As they usually are with TimCahill.

Andrew: True, and now there’s talk he should be regarded as the greatest Soccerooof all-time. Whatdo you reckon, Speedy? Does he deserve that title after everything he’s done for the national team?

Speedy: He’s certainly up there. He played for a long time in the English Premier League, and you have to know what you’re doing to play at that level. But the best ever? I’m not sure.

Andrew: Who would you have up there then?

Speedy: Johnny Warren was pretty good in his day. He played for usat the 1974 World Cup. There’s also Mark Schwarzer and Harry Kewell to consider.

Andrew: It’s a big call labellingsomeone “the best ever”. For me, he’s in the top two. Harry Kewell is the most talented player Australia has produced, but his body let him down as he got older. In terms of contribution to the national team, the only person who can match Cahill is Schwarzer. I daresay Schwarzer’s keeping has saved Australia more often than Cahill’s goals, but both men have hadmighty careers on the international stage.

Speedy: Too right. Can we talk about some tennis now please?

Andrew:We can. I guess it’s all about Nick Kyrgios. How far can he go? All the way? I only hope he gets a new haircut if he makes it tothe final.

Speedy: You’re the last person to be talking about hairwith your baldscalp, mate. But it’ll be interestingto see. I originally picked Roger Federer to win the men’s title, but he didn’t even make it past the first week. I’ll go Novak Djokovic now. I don’t think he’s dropped a set.

Andrew: But what about Kyrgios? Can he do something remarkable?

Speedy: Never say never. He’s got Andy Murray next, and he’s more than capable of pulling off an upset. If there’s going to be a shock or two, I reckon it’ll come from him.

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